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A greener future requires innovative approaches

Electric mowers and equipment

Across Australia and New Zealand, we have adopted a range of electric commercial mowers, as well as many types of electric handheld equipment. Along with producing zero emissions, there are a range of benefits when moving towards battery powered equipment. Some of these include no refuelling, reduced noises, no ongoing engine servicing which means less maintenance and the equipment is lighter.

Some of our groundskeeping team in Australia also utilise hybrid cylinder mowers with great success.

Working with local zoos

We partner with local zoos to provide multiple food types for the animals, using left over plants from many of our sites in Australia. We work with the zoo staff to meet the needs of the animals and minimise wasted plants. Bamboo waste and couch grass clippings from cricket wickets are great examples of what we deliver to the animals. For example, our team can utilise scraps such as Bamboo waste from site and deliver it to Taronga Zoo for the animals. This also reduces waste costs for your site.

Composting & Worm Farms

Another initiative our teams undertake at various schools and sites in Australia is the creation of composting bays and worm farms, which are set up to turn waste into nutritious feed for the local gardens. Rather than seeing green waste taken off site and disposed of at the tip, we much prefer to minimise waste and costs by keeping it onsite in these bays and farms, to be re-purposed and to also enhance the garden areas on site.

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