Our team is founded on a bedrock of professionalism and customer value.

With a combined heritage of more than 120 years working on facilities across Australia and New Zealand, the Green by Nature team have a wealth of experience across the areas that matter to you.

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Our strength lies in the unique culture created by the 2,000-odd employees living and working across Australia and New Zealand. Our position as a global, progressive and innovative green space company is underpinned by the expertise and passion of our people. Together, we nurture green spaces, the environment and our people.


Meet Lilly, who has been working with Green by Nature for almost 5 years now. Lilly started out as an apprentice At Green by Nature in her first 1.5 years.  Learn more about Lillly and how her dedication and hard work helped her earn an apprentice of the year award.


The ICC Turf Consultation Program in South Korea is an incredible opportunity for our team to share their extensive knowledge and expertise, leading up to the T20 World Cup Qualifier next year. With over two decades of experience, Matt is certainly the man for the job!


Learn about Shanna Stopp-GBN Horticultural Team Leader’s story of inclusivity. We deep dive on how seriously Green by Nature celebrates Diversity and Inclusion and how it has helped Shanna step up to be the leader that she’s meant to be.

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