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All about attention to detail

We prepare, preserve and maintain golf courses across Australia and New Zealand, ensuring excellent playing conditions exist forchampionships, Pennant competitions and weekend warriors.rnrnThe golf courses we maintain are cared for by industry leading turf specialists who plan and execute programs and procedures to create and protect a superior golf experience as well as enhancing and protecting the environment, property and aesthetics of your club.rnrnOur landscaping services for golf courses include:rn• complete turf maintenancern• complete turf renovations for tee boxes, greens, and fairwaysrn• preparation of tournamentsrn• landscape and horticultural maintenance and upgradesrn• machinery and equipment management and maintenancern• irrigation maintenance, design, and installationrnrnWe also undertake golf course reconstruction works such as: earthworks, drainage, irrigation, regrading, re- grassing and laser levelling of golf courses.rnrnWe have an extensive in-house fleet of vehicles, machinery and equipment and will tailor a package to suit your requirements. Some of the other renovation services we offer include spraying, scarifying and vacuuming, verti-draining/coring, earthquaking/deep slicing, oversowing, turfing, top dressing, aggravating, and fertilising.rnrnGet in touch with our Golf team to find out how we can ensure your players are in the zone more often than not.

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Ensure your players are in the zone more often than not.

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