and sustainbility.

Protecting and strengthening the communities and environments in which we live and work 

Responsible care and support for our environment

We pride ourselves on becoming active members of the communities in which we work, committed to the environmental and social wellbeing of locals and visitors alike.

Ecological integrity underpins our work across all sectors, and we lead our practices with sustainability and innovation.

With a combined history of more than 120 years, our founding organisations have led the way environmentally, introducing greener technologies to the landscaping industry.

Supporting our communities in meaningful ways

Community engagement has always been important to us, and we know we are in a position to add value and help in impactful ways. Across each of our founding businesses, we regularly participate in our local communities through volunteering, sponsorships, donations and other forms of support.

Some of these initiatives include supporting local schools with horticulture education, sponsoring local sport teams and multiple indigenous engagement initiatives.

We have also supported national programs as well, such as Clean Up Australia Day, Tour de Cure, Act for Kids, and mental health organisations .

Take a look at some of our key community initiatives.

Together, we will nurture green spaces, the
environment, our community and people

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