We’re excited to announce that we just launched our inaugural leadership conference, Connect 24.

This event was a significant milestone as it brought together leaders from all four businesses across Australia and New Zealand, uniting us in our focus on strategy, innovation, and fostering an outstanding workplace culture.

Connect 24 provided a unique opportunity for connection, learning, and growth, marking the first time all leaders from our organisation gathered in one space. It set the stage for what will become an annual tradition, aimed at driving our organisation forward.

Over two days, participants engaged in discussions all aimed at propelling our organisation to new heights. Amidst these discussions, a shared ethos emerged—we are all genuinely green by nature, reflecting our commitment to sustainability, growth, and unity.

Looking ahead, we aim to carry forward the momentum generated during Connect 24. Together, we’ve laid the groundwork for a brighter future, and with continued support, we’re confident in our ability to achieve even greater success.

Our leaders at the Connect 24 Leadership Conference 2024