Green By Nature NZ Proudly Upholds Green Flag Standards

November 28, 2023
Victoria Thompson
2 Minute Read

Green by Nature NZ is proud to announce that we are responsible for maintaining nearly half of the recently awarded Green Flag Parks in New Zealand!

The Green Flag Park Awards are the pinnacle of recognition for parks and green spaces, honouring the highest standards of excellence in management, planning, sustainability, and community engagement. 

Green Flag Awards - Green by Nature NZ - Green Flag Parks
Green Flag Awards 2023/2024

As Arthur Nelson, Parks and Property Manager at Horowhenua District Council, aptly puts it, ‘The award goes to the heart of the community and allows Council to listen, hear and respond in partnership with its stakeholders’.

Beyond mere acknowledgment, these awards represent our dedication to crafting and sustaining outstanding green spaces. We transform these spaces into vibrant hubs that seamlessly integrate with and enrich the communities they serve. More than mere recreational havens, these parks stand as integral components of our communities, fostering social cohesion, promoting health and well-being, and, consequently, elevating the overall quality of life for residents.

Heartfelt congratulations are extended to Hastings District Council, Masterton District Council, and Horowhenua District Council for their steadfast commitment to creating and maintaining these exceptional green spaces. Our local teams, in close collaboration with these councils, take immense pride in contributing to the attainment of this prestigious recognition.

Flaxmere Skate Park - Green Flag Awards - Green By Nature NZ
Flaxmere Skate Park
Cornwall Park - Green Flag Awards - Green By Nature NZ
Cornwall Park
Frimley Park - Green Flag Awards - Green By Nature NZ
Frimley Park

You can visit the Green Flag Award website to find out more about the programme and the winners HERE

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