Retail and shopping centres

Enriching the shopping experience

Destination shopping

Shopping is no longer a chore and is, in fact, a leisure pursuit for many, so your retail shopping centres need to evolve to become vibrant environments that enrich the shopping experience and create a destination experience. You need to entice people to come for a visit, not just to shop.

Because we understand that great merchandising extends outside the shop doors, we create and maintain memorable landscapes for local and chain stores, retail centres, malls and mixed-use retail precincts that help drive business through positive customer experience.

By providing safe high traffic areas enhanced with crisp, clean landscape elements and floral displays we create an environment that your customers will love interacting with.

Our teams stay on top of trends, identifying and designing themed gardens and displays for key areas of your property. We work with you to create a schedule around seasonal colour and cultural events that will keep your property looking fresh, exciting and interesting to your customers each time they visit.

Obviously, the high volume of pedestrian traffic and visitors to your property means that you need a landscaping organisation with an eye for detail to ensure it remains clean and safe. Our teams are trained to proactively take note of potential issues or hazards and promptly rectify or bring them to your attention based on a level of risk.

We are also fully equipped to help you prepare your landscape and displays for large events and the expected increased customer traffic. When the event is over, we will help get your retail precinct back to your normal high standards.

For more information on how we can lift and maintain your retail precinct, get in touch with us today.

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